1. I might've gone a little overboard
  2. I just really love giving presents
  3. And also you're really cool
  4. I was a little afraid when I found you on list app
  5. Because you only had like 5 lists
  6. But then I stalked you a little
  7. And you have a blog
  8. And a pretty big internet footprint
  9. So then I got to know you
  10. And you are awesome
  11. I can't wait to suggest lists for you
  12. And list about you
  13. And once I found out how cool you are...
  14. Well I thought of all these things to give you
  15. I'm not even giving you all those things
  16. But it might still be a lot
  17. I couldn't send you baked goods, though, because the mail and customs
  18. And I'm not great at handmade
  19. You'll understand when you see my preschool style packing abilities
  20. But I think you'll like the gifts
  21. And I can't wait until I can follow you
  22. And you can read this list
  23. And we can get to know each other
  24. Merry Christmas!!!