Written while waiting for my flight in Heathrow.
  1. She lived wholly; though not wholly understood.
  2. She was steadfast to the end, even when changing might have saved her.
  3. He always kept his word. He even died when he said he would.
  4. Never late, even for the end.
  5. She was the picture of virtue. We keep the portrait on the wall downstairs.
  6. His mind was true. His heart was strong. Just not strong enough.
  7. Best of friends. Kindest of fathers. If he'd been a better husband, he might have lived longer.
  8. He ate the cat to spite his wife. He should've cooked the meat longer. We'll miss the cat more.
  9. He loved his job. If he'd loved his wife, he'd still be working.
  10. Death comes too soon for the young. Except for Lizzy, who we were ready to send off.
  11. May angels carry him to the pearly gates. If they can lift him.
  12. He flew through life. Unfortunately gravity finally caught hold of him.
  13. He liked to stay one step ahead of the game. It overtook in him in the end. (With picture of man hunting lions below.)