They don't celebrate Halloween here. So this was a first.
  1. We carved pumpkins
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  2. It was my husband and brother-in-law's first time carving pumpkins
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    My husband is very proud of his pumpkins.
  3. I made apple cider
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  4. And caramel apples
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  5. We set up all our pumpkins in the drawing room
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    Cat, Harry Potter, jack o lantern, Garg Halloween, bats, Green Lantern, jack o lantern
  6. Then ate pizza, listened to Halloween music, drank cider, ate caramel apples, and relaxed.
  7. Followed up by Halloween movie time.
  8. My husband and brother-in-law had been to Halloween parties in college in the US, but for everyone else it was their first Halloween experience.
  9. Now they're thinking next year we'll throw a Halloween party for everyone.
    My husband wants to try bobbing for apples.