All my guilty pleasures. Or at least the ones that come to mind.
  1. Hanson
    Since I was 7yo. No regrets. Mmboppin my way through life.
  2. Spaghettios
    These are not available in India. WHY?!?!?
  3. Gummy Bears
    Also hard to find in India.
  4. Superhero tv shows
    Wonder Woman (yes, from the 70s), Batman (yes, from the 60s), Smallville, Arrow, The Flash, XMen (the 90s animated series), probably the new Supergirl, many more animated Superman and Batman and Justice League shows and more
  5. YA books
    I write 'em, so I better read 'em
  6. Frozen burritos
    Also not a thing in India ... This is beginning to explain why dieting has been so easy here.
  7. Romantic Comedies
    All of them. Ever. From all decades.
  8. Salt and vinegar kettle cooked chips
    You guessed it. Not sold in India.
  9. John Mayer
    I don't know why liking @john has to be a guilty pleasure because he really is a stellar guitarist, but I've been picked on for liking him more times than I can count. And why? He writes such good songs! I feel the same about liking Hanson. Good songwriters. So screw you haters!
  10. Maroon 5*
    *See above rant
  11. Movies with sad endings
    Because I secretly love a good cry
  12. Fashion magazines
    Where I stare longingly at all the clothes I'd love to own --- This includes Indian fashion magazines with their stunning lehengas and saris.
  13. Clash of Clans
    This is a new one, thanks to my sister.