1. Diwali is the Festival of Lights
  2. It celebrates light vanquishing darkness
  3. Obviously that means there are a lot of lights
    That's our house lit up for Diwali
  4. This is our courtyard lit up
  5. We lit oil lamps and placed them in every room the night before Diwali
    It's called Choti (or little) Diwali
  6. We all dressed up
    I wore a sari. Proud to say I can wrap my own.
  7. We had a pooja
    I watched, quietly supporting
  8. Some people were there through FaceTime
  9. Then we all ate a meal together off of shared plates
    The shared plates part is important
  10. And we lit off a TON of fireworks
    I think India's air pollution increases 200x on Diwali
  11. And sent off paper hot air balloons
  12. There were a lot of decorations
    Those are designs from flowers
  13. So why am I up till dawn?
  14. Because all this is followed by a long party at our house. The invite says it begins at 11:30pm and breakfast is served afterward.
  15. This is me at 6am after escaping the party
    I couldn't unzip my outfit and had to wait for someone to come help me.
  16. The party consisted of lots of card tables and people playing cards and gambling all night
    Part of Diwali is about praying for wealth and blessings. So I guess playing with that wealth is part of it too? I dunno.
  17. So now it's after 7am. I'm tired. I made it past dawn.
  18. Time to sleep.
  19. Good morning, List App.
  20. And good night
  21. Happy Diwali!