While living in India and most of my friends and family are in the US (some in Europe) these are the things I've found the hardest about the time difference.
  1. It's on the half hour.
    Everyone gets confused when you tell them you're 9 and a half hours ahead of America. Why not a round number? Well, India is weird that way.
  2. Everyone is asleep when you're awake
  3. It seems like you send emails in the middle of the night
    To people who don't know I live in India, it seems like I'm always sending emails in the middle of the night.
  4. No on updates list app while you're awake
    Same goes for Twitter, Facebook, and, well, not really tumblr. That's a whole other time zone on its own.
  5. You update list app while everyone is asleep
  6. Telephone calls are hard to schedule.
    Time differences are weird...
  7. Your texts often wake people up
  8. People are confused when you don't respond right away
    They either forget or don't know you're asleep
  9. Day light savings
    It doesn't exist in India, but it puts you 10 and a half hours ahead and messes with everything
  10. People attack you on clash of clans while you're asleep
    Which is just frustrating to wake up to
  11. Game of Thrones airs at 6:30am
    As do other programs because India HBO and other channels like to air things at the same time as the US. This also means you have to avoid all social media before you can watch the recorded show or wake up at 6:30 and watch it live.