1. I wasn't planning on reading this. I didn't know how I felt about it. Today, though, my husband surprised me with a copy. He said I hadn't mentioned it, but he thought I might want it.
  2. Even then I wasn't sure I'd read it, but by mid-afternoon I found myself opening up the book.
  3. I thought I'd just read a few scenes.
  4. I didn't stop until I'd reached the end.
  5. And it was lovely. It really really was.
  6. I'd even read the books again in the past year, so I was all ready to go.
  7. It's not a book. It's a play, and that makes some things different.
    With stage directions instead of narration. I will say, some of the stage directions are written in a perfectly quirky HP way.
  8. But I already knew the world, so it was easy to imagine everything.
  9. I didn't imagine it as a play or on stage. No. Just as another story inside a world I know so well.
  10. And I loved it.
  11. And I didn't expect to.
  12. The plot wasn't complicated. It wasn't over the top. It was simple and perfect.
  13. Sure, some plot holes (one in particular comes to mind), but all forgivable.
  14. I enjoyed the new characters.
  15. I had fun seeing the old.
  16. I was nostalgic.
  17. And happy.
  18. And even a little choked up.
  19. My husband asked when I'd finished if I'd want to see it on stage. I said, quite honestly, that I don't know.
  20. I liked seeing it in my head.
  21. The same way I prefer the books.
  22. Sure, I went to every HP movie midnight premiere, but they didn't measure up to the world in my mind.
  23. I realized that again when I read the books last year. Everything is richer in the imagination.
  24. So I'm not sure I'd choose to see it on stage. I'd like to see it, but it wouldn't be the same. It would be like watching the movies. A nice companion piece, but not as good.
  25. So if you haven't read it, I recommend it. Even of you're on the edge about it like I was.
  26. I think you'll enjoy it.
  27. I know I did.