The internet here is pretty darn slow, y'all.
  1. GIFs are awesome.
  2. But all these GIF lists are driving me crazy.
  3. Because the GIFs take FOREVER to load. At least with my internet speed.
  4. So every list is like if you were telling a joke and got to the punchline...
  5. And then...
  6. It
  7. Took
  8. Forever
  9. For
  10. The
  11. Punch
  12. ...
  13. ...
  14. Line
  15. To
  16. Come.
  17. And then by the time the joke is no longer funny, but frankly just frustrating...
  18. The punchline comes.
    If you're seeing loading screen on this one, wait for it.
  19. That's how I feel about GIF lists.
  20. Because most of the time I'm waiting to see a reaction or read a punchline, but all I'm getting is this crappy loading screen.
  21. And yes, I made a List App GIF Loading GIF just for this list.