Well, @aminam, I thought it was obvious, but here goes...
  1. In 2010 I met this guy in college. It was my junior year. He was a senior.
  2. I thought he seemed a little lazy.
  3. And he seemed like a tool.
  4. But hey, first impressions aren't everything.
  5. He turned out to be super helpful.
  6. And hard working.
  7. And a loyal new friend.
  8. And he had this instinct to always know what I needed.
  9. Even when my close friends thought I needed something else.
  10. And I, who relinquished control to no one ever, found myself wanting to let him take care of things. And take care of me.
  11. And then he asked me out a few months later.
  12. And with only 6 months till his graduation we started dating.
  13. And 6 months later we were head over heels.
  14. But he had to leave the country.
  15. And I still had a year of school left.
  16. So we decided to do long distance.
  17. The scariest part was that we didn't know when we'd get to see each other next.
  18. There was a lot of crying. And depression. And people telling me I should just give up.
  19. But I stuck with it.
  20. We didn't see each other for a full year when he came to my graduation.
  21. Then I went to India 6 months later for a 3 month stay to meet his family and see if I could see myself moving to India.
  22. There were a lot of questions.
  23. And doubts.
  24. Not doubts about him, but about whether I could live in such a different country so far away from everyone I knew.
  25. And it didn't help that we didn't see each other for another year and a half.
  26. When he came and somehow managed to get me all the way to a private air strip before I realized something was up.
  27. And he proposed in a helicopter hovering over downtown Atlanta.
  28. Then we planned the wedding.
  29. And some people had the nerve to tell me I was nuts and wrong.
  30. But haters gonna hate.
  31. And some people will never understand.
  32. So we got married.
  33. And I was still scared while I flew to India for my wedding.
  34. And so stressed out that during the 3 day wedding I only ate toast and drank orange juice and Coke. Not a bit of the incredible wedding food.
  35. And I felt scared that I was risking so much and diving headfirst into such a big change. And what if it wasn't right?
  36. And then on my third night married I woke up with an anxiety nightmare. And my husband reached over in his sleep and took my hand. And he squeezed my fingers. And said it was okay.
  37. And that little gesture set my mind at ease. I knew everything I'd done was right. Every risk. Every compromise. Every sacrifice.
  38. And I cried I was so happy to be where I am.
  39. To be with my husband after over 3 years of long distance.
  40. And now we're closing in on our 1 year anniversary.
  41. I am blessed.
  42. And happy.
  43. And learning to love India with all its quirks.
  44. And finding my footing to try and work in a new place. And live with a new family.
  45. And every day is an adventure.
  46. And that is how I wound up moving to India.