Please help! Traditions, games, favorite Christmas things for newcomers. Any and all. This is my Indian family's first Christmas, and I need help. They want it to be special, but it feels like, "What do you need to make your Christmas special?" Not like they're actually excited for it themselves. Please give any and all XMas ideas. GO!
  1. Watch movies! I like the classic Peanuts or the claymation/animation Rudolph and Frosty the Snowman. And bake and decorate cookies!
    Suggested by @lauramay
  2. As a family you all can decorate inside and outside 🎄, bake Christmas cookies, watch Christmas movies. I don't know if there are any light shows in India but my family and I usually go to one every year.
    I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! 😊
    Suggested by @eclecticmouse
  3. Go to a concert at a church
    Suggested by @SarahLambertCook
  4. Make a bunch of gingerbread cookies and decorate them together
    Suggested by @SarahLambertCook