1. That job George Clooney has in Up in the Air
    I know, firing people professionally sounds horrible, but I think I could really own that job.
  2. BBC miniseries extra
    I will wear ALL the period costumes, learn the social group dances, and die gloriously in battle. I don't really want to commit to acting in one show all the time, but I'd be happy sampling them all.
  3. Indiana Jones
    That's a profession, right? Kind of like Tomb Raider? We'll label this one "bad ass archaeologist".
  4. Travel photographer
    If I had a Leica.
  5. Historical reenactor
    I have almost applied for these jobs many times. Colonial Williamsburg, here I come!
  6. Carpenter
    I actually love building things, but honestly this is more specific...
  7. Set designer
    There we go. Love acting, but building the world the characters live in is also a thrill.
  8. Renaissance festival Celtic singer/performer
    I am REALLY good at singing folk songs. I can even do them in proper dialects. I mean, I even write my own. Also, I'm noticing a lot of these jobs have me in costume. Love it.
  9. Personal stylist
    I think I'd be super good at this in a What Not to Wear kind of way.
  10. Zookeeper
    No wait. I take it back. I love zoos, but I had that one traumatizing experience. It's a long story...
  11. Gallery curator
    Eh. But that's mighty vague, and my dislike of some modern art might make me hate this. I do love the 18th century. And the 17th... And the Dutch masters... Okay let's narrow this down...
  12. Curator of the 17th and 18th century European paintings in the Louvre.