She hasn't listed much. When I got her as my secret Santa she only had 5 lists. I went a little into stalker mode and found her blog. And I learned that she is amazing and inspiring. Thanks @ChrisK for helping me find Kelly. I can't wait to know her better.
  1. Her name is Kelly Bergin
  2. She has two beautiful nieces whom she loves to pieces.
  3. She is a photographer
    And her photos are brilliant and show her beautiful life, and I want her to list them more!
  4. She is a talented writer
    Her blog posts are superbly written and will inspire you while you learn about her life and thoughts.
  5. Seriously. I want her to write more lists to share her thoughts with this community.
  6. Here is her blog post for the close of the year.
  7. Kelly is a survivor
    In the truest sense of the word. She has survived and is surviving so much. I wish I could've sent her strength for Christmas. I am in awe of all she has lived through and how she continues to live. She sees so much beauty and shares it. I can't wait for everyone to see her strength.
  8. Which also means her life is hard
    It can be depressing and difficult. Something to trudge through that can pull her down.
  9. Which is why I'm asking List App to show her some love
    Request a list. Follow. Like. Get to know Kelly and send her some love here at the close of 2015. Help lift up her spirits for the end of the holiday season.
  10. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!