I'm not necessarily going to buy a briefcase, but I kinda want one. Either way, I sure love lookin' at 'em. But this? Oh this frustrates me. Maybe @Vogue can fix it.
  1. There's a problem for us women on the market for a stylish briefcase.
  2. Go to a name brand bag seller. Let's try Burberry first. They have pretty bags.
  3. Click "WOMEN"
  4. Then "BAGS"
  5. Uh-Oh
  6. We get: Backpacks, Tote Bags, Shoulder Bags, Bowling Bags, Clutches, Leather, and Check Bags, but NO BRIEFCASES!
    What gives, Burberry? Women work.
  7. And the men's section?
    They get: Backpacks, Briefcases, Document Cases, Messenger Bags, and Tote Bags
  8. Because apparently women don't need the work specific bags...
  9. Let's take a quick survey of some top brands for bags...
  10. Louis Vuitton?
    Has a Business Bags collection for men, and women get handbags in their section. Hmmm.
  11. Salvatore Ferragamo?
    Women get Handbags. Men get Briefcases.
  12. Marc Jacobs?
    Women get a massive selection of handbags and totes and clutches, but all the computer bags and such are in the limited men's section.
  13. Michael Kors?
    Under the generic "Handbags" section, one finds handbags and totes of all types. However, one must click "Men" and "Bags" to find briefcases. Apparently all business related bags are simply bags for men in MK world.
  14. Dior?
    Puts briefcases under Men's Handbags. Women get a huge collection under handbags that does not include a single briefcase. The briefcases aren't even labeled anywhere to make them easy to find. They're just "men's bags".
  15. Coach?
    They're coming out ahead with Business Bags for women, though men still get specifically "briefcases".
  16. Dooney & Bourke wins
    With no sections for men or women, all briefcases and handbags fall under the same heading.
  17. Here's the thing, Fashion, you need to catch up with the modern world. Briefcases and business bags are for everyone. Not just men.
  18. For that matter, all bags are for everyone.
  19. A bag is a bag is a bag is a bag is a bag. It's not men's or women's.
  20. And it is so frustrating to try and find a nice briefcase for work when they are all only specifically tailored to men.
  21. Wake up, Fashion, women work. You, above all, should know.
  22. Let's be a little fashion forward.