In chronological order.
  1. Alice in Wonderland
    I can't explain it, but I DID NOT like this movie as a child. I still can't watch it. Memories of how unsettling and frightening I found this movie creep back whenever I see it.
  2. Rebecca
    My parents didn't have an age to start kids on Hitchcock films. I cannot remember a time when I hadn't seen North by Northwest or Rear Window. Rebecca isn't exactly scary, but Hitchcock's interpretation of Mrs. Danvers left me scared of her for weeks afterward. --- side note: read the book for this before watching the movie. I wish I'd been able to do it in that order.
  3. The Ghost Breakers
    This excellent Bob Hope movie is hilarious and totally worth the watch. However, as a tiny tot I might've been a little too young for it. The ghosts were a little too scary for me. For anyone looking for a good Halloween movie you've probably never seen, this would be a great choice.
  4. The Hunley
    This TNT TV movie depicted the story of the Hunley submarine used by the Confederacy during the Civil War. The men were then trapped in the submerged sub where they slowly ran out of air and eventually decided to flood the chamber and die. I couldn't sleep after watching this. I made my mom sit with me in my room with the lights on. I didn't want to dream about it. It haunted me. I later saw the real Hunley (which had been pulled up) in Mobile, AL.
  5. Great Expectations
    Miss Havisham haunted me. I don't remember which movie version I saw, but I couldn't sleep for weeks afterward. I kept seeing her in her chair in the dark of my room at night. I would just stare at that place I imagined her being, afraid to even move.
  6. The Mummy
    In college I worked at an archaeological museum, and this came back to haunt me. I once had to walk through the Egyptian section when the museum was closed. I found myself walking faster and faster until I realized I was basically thinking, "I saw the Mummy. I know what happens."
  7. The Ghost and the Darkness
    This gave me the creeps. I love this movie now, but when I was a kid it scared me so much. I wasn't sure if I could ever go somewhere that has lions. That includes the zoo.