These are the people who it would be acceptable if they tried to look like me. We don't actually look alike, but it's fine by me of they want to put in the effort. I'd be fine saying we look the same.
  1. Saoirse Ronan
    If she does the physical changes, I'll do the Irish accent. Even trade.
  2. Eddie Redmayne
    Who said gender was a limiting factor? And anyway, I have as many freckle as him after I've been out in the sun for a bit.
  3. Jennifer Lawrence
    I actually have a friend who looks exactly like her.
  4. Carey Mulligan
    I'll even do a little work to look like her for this one.
  5. Sandra Bullock
    We have similar coloring and face shape. It could work.
  6. Beyoncé
    Someone once told me I sang like her. Really they meant my impression was close. Either way, I'll take it.
  7. Emma Watson
    We actually did look a lot alike when we were 11. I changed, she still looks the same.