I tend to have short love affairs with songs. Here are a few that have been, that are, and that will come...
  1. PAST
  2. Age 3: Jailhouse Rock
    I was obsessed with Elvis from a very tiny age. Watched the movies. Owned the albums. Had Elvis playing cards. And more.
  3. Age 7: Minute Without You
    Not Mmmbop. Loved this Hanson song. Still love it. It was the recessional song for my wedding. Well it was supposed to be, but that eff up is another story. So I'm just gonna say it was the song I walked out to.
  4. Age 11: Complicated
    Avril Lavigne was a phase at the beginning of middle school.
  5. Age 13: Yesterday
    Sang this Beatles' tune nonstop.
  6. Age 15: That's Life
    Used to listen to Frank Sinatra singing this on repeat.
  7. Age 16: Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes
    I knew this Paul Simon song already, and had since childhood, but it really became a favorite at 16. The whole Graceland album is a treasure
  8. Age 17: Time
    Thank you Pink Floyd for supplying me with this favorite.
  9. Age 19: Short Skirt, Long Jacket
    Went as a girl in a short skirt and a long jacket for Halloween. This Cake song is awesome.
  10. Age 24: Uptown Funk
    Amazing song. Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars killed it with this.
  12. Age 25: Chaiyya Chaiyya
    This Bollywood number has an AWESOME video that was filmed in top of a moving train. Super catchy song too.
  13. Age 25: When We Were Young
    Appropriate that at 25 I like Adele's new album. This might be my favorite track. *might*
  14. FUTURE
  15. Age 27: folk song
    I'll probably go through a folk song phase. I love Celtic and American folk.
  16. Age 30: a party number
    Cuz I'm still young.
  17. Age 35: Something my kids are listening to
    Because I'll listen to what they like.
  18. Age 45: Jazz
    Love jazz. I'll probably listen to it a lot at this stage of life.
  19. Age 55: A poppy fun song
    Cuz I'm definitely still young.
  20. Age 70: back to the classics
    I'll be really loving Bowie again. Rediscovering his songs.
  21. Age 85: Bye Bye Bye
    This will play constantly. I will miss being 9 and dancing to this NSync song.