1. I got home today and my husband's aunt said there was a package for me
  2. I ran over to get it and sat at the table in the lawn to open it
  3. Here it is!!!
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  4. And it's a book!
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  5. Haha! Great choice!
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  6. My husband's uncle asked, "Is someone trying to give you a hint?" Meaning I should learn more Indian cooking.
  7. And a note!
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  8. Thank you @theranman
    Also...your note says @theranman78 so I hope you've just changed it to simply @theranman now.
  9. Also I saw your list a while ago. My Secret Santa Concerns And actually wondered if you were my secret Santa.
  10. But don't worry. This is a great and thoughtful gift.
  11. Thank you!!!
  12. And thanks to @ChrisK for all the hard work putting this together!