The cities that I've traveled to so far in 2015. (Places I go all the time like New Delhi are not included.)
  1. Agra
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    Went to Agra this year with my sister. We stopped by and saw Agra Fort and the Taj Mahal before heading to my wedding.
  2. Stirling
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    Stirling Castle in Scotland was the first stop on my honeymoon.
  3. Inverness
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    Drove all the way up through the snow covered Highlands to Inverness for the second stop on my honeymoon.
  4. Edinburgh
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    Drove back down through the Highlands to stay in Edinburgh for a few days. Saw the Royal Mile, Hollyroodhouse Palace, Edinburgh Castle and more
  5. London
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    My second trip to London was the final stop on our honeymoon. We kicked it off with a Chelsea-Liverpool game at Stamford Bridge (the Blues won in over time!), saw the British Museum, toured Lords Cricket Ground, and generally walked all over the city. We also saw Phantom of the Opera on the West End.
  6. Atlanta
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    Stayed in Atlanta for a week to see family one last time before moving to India and to have a second wedding in the US.
  7. Himalayas
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    Spent a weekend at a riverside resort with the whole family. Lots of hiking and mountain air.
  8. Bombay/Mumbai
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    Went to Mumbai for the first time for a friend's wedding. Toured around the city and saw some Bollywood sets.
  9. Jaipur
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    Visited Jaipur for my birthday. Saw forts, palaces, temples, and tons of elephants! We even went on an elephant safari!
  10. Berg Eltz Castle
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    My first stop on my European trip with my sister. This beautiful castle has been owned by the same family for 800 years.
  11. Heidelberg
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    Roamed around Heidelberg, Germany. Saw lots of German craft stores, visited a Nazi amphitheater, and saw a stunning view of the city and castle from the hill above.
  12. Paris
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    Spent two days in Paris. Went to the Louvre, Notre Dame, Versailles, Arc de Triomphe, and wandered around the city in the rain.
  13. Rome
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    Spent five days wandering Rome. A beautiful city with streets that twist and turn. Ate amazing food every day! Saw the highlights and some things off the beaten path like Michelangelo's Moses and the Knights of Malta Keyhole.
  14. Pompeii
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    Walked all through Pompeii during torrential downpours. Despite the rain, walking through these ancient ruins was still a dream come true.