I buy a lot of ebooks and print books, here's what sold me on the former
  1. I can carry lots of books with me everywhere
    Kindle app is awesome
  2. I judge books by their cover
    Rather, I hate carrying around books with ugly covers. Ebooks means I never have to look at the cover and no one else sees it.
  3. No one knows what I'm reading
    Reading a trashy romance? No one knows. I could be reading Kafka
  4. Highlighting
    I can highlight and write notes all over books
  5. Popular highlights
    I really like this kindle function. It's fun to see what other readers highlight.
  6. Time left in book/chapter
    This is the best kindle feature. I love knowing how long it's going to take me to read something.
  7. They're usually cheaper
  8. They moved with me to India
    This is big. Moving books internationally is expensive. All my ebooks can travel with me everywhere and carrying them is painless.