1. Someone needs to have a real hard talk with the blogosphere.
  2. Topic: ingredients.
  3. If you title your recipe "Made from Scratch" then I'm gonna be trusting and believe you.
  4. And those of us who don't live in America where all the exact same packaged or pre-made foods are available hate the following food blogger habit...
  5. As an example:
  6. "Salsa Made from Scratch"
    Ingredients include: canned tomatoes or tomato paste or some sort of canned tomato and pepper mix.
  7. "Soup Totally from Scratch"
    Ingredients include canned things or vegetable stock. —— Vegetable stock has to be MADE. Making something from scratch involves boiling the veggies in water and making stock for your soul. Not pouring in stock from the grocery store. (Rant over)
  8. Anything that uses pre-made packaged goods.
    Like a graham cracker base in cheesecake. Pie recipes that claim to be from scratch and then use pre-made crusts. Dessert recipes that use a cookie or cake mix in them.
  9. Also... That's Not 3 Ingredients
  10. Another trend is to label something like, "3 Ingredient Cake Batter Fudge" and one "ingredient" is funfetti cake mix.
    A mix is not an "ingredient". It is a mix made of many ingredients. So therefore your fudge has many ingredients in it. Not just 3.
  11. Moral of the story is that having to make everything from actual scratch makes blog recipes really annoying.
    On the plus side I now have actual clean eating habits...