I'm staying at our apartment in Lucknow (my husband has business here). We live in the bottom floor.
  1. There is a kid upstairs. This I know to be true.
  2. Last time I was here was 3 yrs ago when I was dating my now husband and came here to visit.
  3. At that time said kid owned a little car he drove all around their apartment.
  4. It seems that with his older age he has upgraded to a kick scooter.
  5. I am intimately familiar with the sound of kick scooters.
    One of my younger sisters was obsessed with hers for years and went back and forth on it on our sidewalk for hours and hours every day. I know a kick scooter when I hear one.
  6. This ceiling isn't as thick as I would like.
  7. This kid is a really loud kicker.
  8. The wheels of the scooter are equally loud.
  9. This is a small apartment. There is no place to escape.
  10. The sound is not continuous. He kicks and rides for a moment and then comes to a loud halt.
  11. I think I might get a bit of respite.
  12. Then the kicking resumes.
  13. He has a driveway. It's not like this is a big apt building. It's a two story house with two driveways (one on either side) and two living spaces (ground and upper floor).
  14. He could totally do this outside.
  15. I think I might go crazy.
  16. All the kicking and rolling.
  17. And the noise, noise, noise, noise, noise...