Everything I want my puppy to be, courtesy the Boy Scouts of America.
  1. Trustworthy
    Who doesn’t want a puppy they can trust?
  2. Loyal
    Again, obvious
  3. Helpful
    I want my puppy to be capable of assisting me.
  4. Friendly
    This way he’s cute and lovable.
  5. Courteous
    Sure, a puppy can be courteous.
  6. Kind
    Sort of seems like the same thing as friendly and courteous…but it’s better.
  7. Obedient
  8. Cheerful
    This way he’ll have that cute puppy smile all the time.
  9. Thrifty
    Umm…I want my puppy to be as ok with my choice of inexpensive puppy chow as I am…yeah…thrifty puppy…sounds good.
  10. Brave
    My puppy will face every situation fearlessly. Like a firehouse puppy! Yeah!
  11. Clean
    Even though my puppy will play cheerfully and fearlessly, he won’t just roll through the mud and track it through the kitchen.
  12. Reverent
    I’m stumped. I don’t know why I want my puppy to be reverent, but it’s on the list anyway.
  13. Also...
  14. Be clean in his outdoor manners
    Don’t just poop wherever.
  15. Be careful with fire
    I don’t want my puppy to get burned.
  16. Be considerate in the outdoors
    No digging up flowers.
  17. Be conservation minded
    Yes. That.
  18. I’d like to thank the Boy Scouts of America for coming up with all these great puppy guidelines. They really crafted the perfect code for a good puppy to follow…and Boy Scout too, I guess.