1. Went to Penn Alumni Weekend and stayed for Penn Commencement today.
  2. Trump was at graduation yesterday for his daughter.
  3. And Biden attended commencement today for his granddaughter.
  4. It's a weird year.
  5. And in the middle of that political weirdness was the commencement speaker.
  6. A man whose work this year has dealt with American politics in a very different way.
  7. Lin-Manuel Miranda
  8. His speech was amazing.
  9. Also, the provost who introduced him did so in rhyme and pretty much killed it.
  10. And there was also Biden.
    He sat in the section next to us. Actually pretty close.
  11. And loads and loads of secret service and security and guards and everything.
  12. Watch Lin's speech if you get a chance.
    I think it's online. Super good.