1. Flames crackle and simmer. They rage in the fireplace. Popping. Sparking. Roaring.
  2. Lights hum overhead.
  3. Horns honk sporadically and ceaselessly in the road outside. Some near and piercing. Some far; their sound only a pinprick.
  4. Pans clatter far off in the kitchen.
  5. The beep of a truck reversing comes through the open window. Repetitive. Monotonous.
  6. Muffled conversation seeps under the door.
  7. A car rolls in. Doors slam. Someone yells in the driveway.
  8. Engines hum and trucks rumble by.
  9. A chair scrapes across the floor overhead.
  10. And somewhere in the distance, beyond the front door and past the garden, floating over the cacophony of horns, comes a prayer. Sung into the night in words I can't understand and don't need to. Rolling from someone's lips, through a speaker, and to the place I sit. Rounding out the melody of this evening's song.