I have a problem getting super obsessed with things and learning EVERYTHING about them, then dropping them and never going back
  1. Ballet
    I still love ballet, but as my sister says, there was a time that I followed dancers like race horses. I knew careers, choreographers, stats, ballet companies, who was up and coming. I once took ballet when I was 4 and 5 years old. That's it.
  2. Golf
    For a while I was deeply into the world of golf. I knew all the players and all the tournaments. I watched every PGA tournament. It should be noted that I've only ever play putt-putt golf.
  3. Figure skating
    I can list Olympic champions and even runners-up. I know world champion stats. I know what songs they used for performances. I know the jumps and turns and all types of moves and skills. I actually understand the new scoring system. Before this, in 1998, my sister and I aspired to be Tara Lipinski, but we lived in small town Alabama with no ice to speak of. We instead learned figure skating-esque tricks on roller blades. We were pretty much the coolest.
  4. Movies starring Cillian Murphy
    Not sure what kicked this off, but I've now seen almost his entire filmography. Even the independent Irish films.
  5. Dance movies
    Not surprising given the love of ballet. And there are some great dance sequences in film.
  6. Horse racing
    I still watch the big three Triple Crown races every year, but there was a time when I knew a surprising amount about horse racing. It should be noted that I don't know how to ride a horse.
  7. Baseball history
    I know nothing about current players or teams, but I'm really good at trivia games. I know all the facts about baseball before, like, 1960. It should be noted that I hate playing baseball. It's one of the only sports I don't like.
  8. The Romanovs
    I can list off every Romanov ruler in order of succession. That's over 300 years of Romanovs. It's a party trick.
  9. WWI poetry
    "Never such innocence, Never before or since, As changed itself to past Without a word – the men Leaving the gardens tidy, The thousands of marriages, Lasting a little while longer: Never such innocence again." - Philip Larkin