Great suggestion! Here goes...
  1. The shopping
    Shopping here is like what I think shopping for designer clothes in the 30s was like. You sit down on a couch while shop attendants take out pieces to show you. Based on what you like, they take out more. They bring you tea and biscuits while you shop. Buying my wedding clothes was this times 10. Everyone should experience this.
  2. Indian weddings
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    Only a few of my friends, my older sister, and my parents made it to my India wedding. We had a US one for friends/family there. Indian weddings are colorful, filled with people who are excited and loving, and packed with events. It's a nonstop party for several days in which you get to wear beautiful clothes and spend lots of time with friends and family. And the food is killer.
  3. A Sangeet
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    This is part of the wedding. It's an event where all your friends and family perform dance routines for you. I swear, Indian people are born knowing how to dance.
  4. The foothills of the Himalayas
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    Everyone wants to see the peaks. Everest. You know, the highlights. But the foothills are big, majestic, green, and filled with life. They have great hikes and places to explore. I love hiking in the States with family and friends. I long to bring them here.
  5. Joint families
    Because it's a unique way to live. My husband's family is a joint family. That means that his parents and his dad's brothers (along with their families) all live in one big house. It's something I'm having to get used to, but it's an experience I wish my friends/family could try. At least so they'd understand where I'm coming from.
  6. Festival season
    Diwali is the Festival of Lights, and all of India lights up. It's a time for family, gifts, thanksgiving, and love. I'm a Christmas addict, and Diwali is the Indian Christmas.
  7. Indian clothes
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    Saris make you feel elegant. Knowing how to wrap one makes you feel like a boss. Salwar kameez is like wearing pajamas all day. Lehengas are amazing and fun. Shawls are prettier and softer than winter coats.
  8. The fog
    My parents and sister got a taste of this at my wedding. The winter dog in India is blinding. Complete white-outs. You can't see a thing. And for a place with tons of obstacles in the road (cows, etc), that's a problem.
  9. Jooties
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    These (mostly handmade) leather shoes are awesome. Way better than ballet flats.
  10. Peacocks
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    I know everyone has seen peacocks, but the day a wild peacock first flies into your house, you'll feel like you've never seen one before.