1. We used to have one eagle who sat on the peak of the roof everyday.
  2. He drinks from the pond in the front lawn.
  3. Cools off in the sprinkler.
  4. Flies over our heads without a care in the world.
  5. Once flew into the window...
    It was a careless mistake on his part. See here: AN EAGLE FLEW INTO MY WINDOW
  6. But lately he's had a friend.
  7. A lady friend perhaps?
  8. Eagle #2 is slightly smaller. Slightly more feminine.
  9. Sometimes it seems as though they are nesting on top of our water tanks.
    I am a frequent front-lawn eagle-watcher.
  10. But today they were not sitting together.
  11. Instead the lady eagle was far out on the corner of the roof.
  12. Every so often he turned his head to look at her on her corner.
  13. She never took her eyes off him on his perch.
  14. Maybe she was waiting for an apology.
  15. Maybe they disagreed on the nest design.
  16. Maybe she doesn't like our little paradise, but he wants to stay.
  17. And I can understand why. After all, the eagles own the house. We all live here in order to better their lives.
    By watering the lawn and providing their perch and such.
  18. So why would she complain?
  19. I'm not sure what the story is, but it seems our eagles are experiencing domestic problems.
  20. Let's hope they stick around.
    It keeps the mice away ... kinda ...