Thanks for recommending Liz! --- This will be my husband and his family's first Thanksgiving dinner. Can't get cranberries. Or pumpkin purée. Everything has to be vegetarian. No canned foods or pre-mixed things. Not all vegetables or regular ingredients are available. Here we go...
  1. Creamed corn
    This'll be easy
  2. Quiche
    Thankfully my husband's aunt owns a bakery and she's making the quiche for me.
  3. Dinner rolls
    They don't eat these in India, so we'll see how they go over.
  4. Sweet potato casserole with marshmallows
    Had to get the marshmallows specially. Also the sweet potatoes in India are brown, so the casserole will look a little different.
  5. Mashed potatoes and vegetarian gravy
    Classic. They'll like it.
  6. Stuffing
    I need vegetable stock for this. So I'll be making it from scratch by boiling all the onions and such into a broth.
  7. Baked mac and cheese
    Outside Delhi you can only buy one type of cheese. Here in Meerut you only get the standard Indian cheese which tastes kind of like American cheese mixed with mozzarella. So I'll be kind of throwing this together with what I can get.
  8. Deviled eggs
    One of my favorites. Indians don't really like cold things, though, and this I usually serve cold. They've requested me to heat it. Probably I'll warm the eggs in the oven before dinner.
  9. Pumpkin pie.
    Made this today. And what a process.
  10. Baked the pumpkin
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  11. Scraped out the inside once it cooled
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  12. Ended up with about 3/4 gallon pumpkin purée from one pumpkin
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    I'm going to be living off of pumpkin based food for a while
  13. And made evaporated milk from scratch
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    Which consists of heating and stirring milk until 60% of it has evaporated. It took...a while.
  14. And that's my Thanksgiving this year!
    My first big Thanksgiving dinner to make on my own, and India is certainly throwing in a few curve balls.