1. Cars
  2. Colorfully painted trucks
  3. Teeny tiny trucks
  4. Trucks with people partying in the back with large amps set up blaring music
  5. Trucks with people sleeping in them
  6. Motorbikes
  7. Bicycles
  8. Vegetable vendor carts
  9. Cows
  10. Dogs
  11. Pigs
  12. Water buffalo
  13. Camels
  14. Chickens
  15. Elephants (like one maybe)
  16. This entire jam is probably caused by a truck repairing a tire. But sit tight, you'll be free and on your way in a day or two. In the mean time everyone will honk their horns every two seconds, because it apparently helps. Hope you packed water.
  17. Too many people
  18. Cars and vans so crammed with people there are literally guys standing on the rear bumper and holding the roof
  19. Horse drawn carts
  20. Ox drawn carts
  21. Cow drawn carts
  22. Water buffalo drawn carts
  23. Camel drawn carts
  24. People drawn carts
  25. Carts filled with bricks
  26. People selling car window shades
  27. Auto rickshaws
  28. Bike rickshaws
  29. Horse drawn rickshaws
  30. Rickshaws exploding with people. A baby is probably being born in one right now.