1. Today is Karvachauth
    It's one of the days in the Hindu calendar when woman pray for their husbands. There are a few days like this in the Hindu calendar, but Karvachauth is different because women fast all day.
  2. I'm fasting
    For Karvachauth, that means I don't even drink water. From 4am until the moon is high at night.
  3. I'm not Hindu
    So I don't do the religious ceremony, the pooja, in the evening. This year my husband will do it for me.
  4. I'm Christian
    So I'm happy to fast. I like that there are days when I'm supposed to focus on and pray for the life of my husband. Fasting and prayer is something I can do, but I don't like to perform the Hindu specific religious components.
  5. We'll eat at night
    The day ends when the women pour holy water in the light of the moon. My husband will pour mine for me, and then we'll all eat together.
  6. What it means for the women
    These days in the Hindu calendar are largely about the women in the family spending time together. We all dress up in saris and have fun finding the moon. Yes it's about our husbands and praying for them, technically speaking, but it's really about the women.
  7. So happy Karvachauth!
    If you're married, take a moment and pray for your husband. Or if you don't pray, send him best wishes and long life.