Obsessive phases I have had that make me cringe

I may or may not still be in some of these
  1. ~Random girl~ who is always hyper and brags about bringing gallon bags of puppy chow for lunch
  2. Tween with misogyny so internalized that she talks about how talentless Miley Cyrus is on a daily basis
  3. Girl who wears patterned tights everyday
    I thought it would be my "thing" in middle school
  4. Hippie who is anti-makeup and cried when they built a Target in a field that I had never been to
  5. Fanfiction writing/reading, Twitter fan account owning One Direction fangirl
  6. Liberal high school student who loudly talks about how stupid it is that the Republican Party exists
    Because I knew everything about politics....
  7. Girl who listens to screamo music and wears band tees even though she hates it because it's the only way to prove she's more angsty than she looks
  8. "Deep girl" who talks about reading constantly but rarely actually reads in her free time
  9. Atheist who can't shut up about being an atheist
  10. Vegan who can't shut up about being a vegan
  11. Drunk mess who blacks out every weekend and does stupid shit and recaps the night 200x with the people there
    Remember that time I did k2??? Oh, yeah. Everybody remembers.
  12. Girl who can't stop talking about her ex months later
    So.... what do you think it means that his new girlfriend posted a pic with this caption? Do you think they're fighting?
  13. Militant feminist that literally sees no good in men
    If men didn't exist the world would be a better place