Some of the sobering, and funny, things I hear at work.
  1. "I really just don't want to draw attention to myself, so something plain coloured please."
  2. "But am I too old to wear this?"
  3. "Haha no, it looks good on the mannequin which means it won't look good on me."
  4. "There must be more out the back!"
  5. "Oh you're too young to help me."
  6. "What do you mean they won't post me a $20 sale top from the other end of the country?!"
  7. "No no, I like things too big and flowy, no way I'd get into the smaller size."
  8. "Let me tell you about all my grandkids and how special they are..."
  9. "Oh you had this dress a few months ago... it was kinda long, can't remember what colour it was... can you help me find it?"
  10. "Aren't you supposed to smile while you're working?"