Because some are better than others
  1. Charlotte (CLT)
    Good food, pretty windows, and trees!
  2. Bozeman (BZN)
    Small with amazing food and THE NICEST TSA IVE EVER ENCOUNTERED
  3. Atlanta (ATL)
    Very big. VERY BIG. Plenty to do if you get stuck on a layover
  4. Denver (DEN)
    Is it a mall or an airport?? I still don't know.
  5. Los Angeles (LAX)
    Expensive food, but generally pretty chill once you get through actually finding your terminal
  6. Orlando (MCO)
    Good food, green chairs, mosaics
  7. Chicago O'Hare (ORD)
    Weird atmosphere, weird food too
  8. Louisville (SDF)
    Clean with nothing to do at all. At all.
  9. Dallas Fort Worth (DFW)
    Big in the worst way. Like most things in Texas, everything is 6829292 miles apart.
  10. Ft. Meyers (RSW)
    Small and beachy, nice gift shops (like most of Florida)
  11. Birmingham (BHM)
    Somehow even smaller and significantly more boring