Because the grass is always greener, ya know?
  1. Santa Monica, California 2016
    Visited in December and it stole my heart
  2. Hill Valley, California 1985
    Maybe I'd run into Marty McFly. And even if I don't, it's still the 80s.
  3. Sydney, Australia 1942
    No WWII, no problems. Additionally, Kangaroos
  4. New York, New York 1912
    As long as I didn't have a ticket for the Titanic, seems like a nice year
  5. Savannah, Georgia 1963
    Seems legit
  6. Phoenix, Arizona 1990
    I shall gaze at my cactus garden through open windows while wearing denim and listening to Aerosmith on a Walkman. Then I'll go watch Seinfeld
  7. Burbank, California 1939
    The golden age of the studio era. Because can you like film and not?
  8. Louisville, Kentucky 1999
    So that I could see my parents young chilling out with two year old me. Unless that causes a Planet of the Apes style paradox, then maybe not, but it's a sweet thought, right?