From KY, living in CA
  1. In and Out
    People are obsessed with it, and I am too
  2. Parking Breaks
  3. Stop Lights on Highway Ramps
    Because there are just THAT many cars
  4. Five Lane Minimums Everywhere
    Because there are just THAT many cars.
  5. Eating Pears Like Apples
    Just bite on in, no need to cut or skin
  6. Year Round Amazing Weather
    Ooh, 65 degrees. Chilly.
  7. Bobba
    An overpriced phenomenon that I love and no one else but in CA likes
  8. Billboards Advertise Movies
    It's how I know what's coming out next
  9. Pro-Canabis Paraphernalia
    The Kentucky folk would not approve
  10. International food that goes beyond Mexican
    Genuinely good food of every culture everywhere
  11. Businesses With Non-English Signs
    More than you'd think, and I dig it.
  12. More Movie Showings
    Those little indie movies you love? We got em in spades at a theater near you
  13. Fashion Trends
    If I wore this stuff in Kentucky everyone would think I'm pretentious.
  14. When it rains, people freak out
    I don't even bother to go inside, and have a The Notebook experience, but just between me in the rain
  15. People can't drive in the rain
    If that The Notebook scene was a horror movie
  16. Diversity
    One of the first things that hit me off the plane. Different kinds of people from different places all lounging in the CA sun
  17. No One Knows About the Derby
    It's a religious holiday in KY, and no one here even realizes it's the most important horse race in the world
  18. I'm categorized as an East Coaster
    I guess I'm east coast, but here I'm REALLY East Coast
  19. Baseball is Alive and Thriving
    Go Dodgers.
  20. There are always things to do
    In Kentucky: "What do you want to do tonight?" .......Mall?
  21. Rice Goes with Everything
    Chicken of all kinds, roast beef, all of it.
  22. There are no Waffle Houses or Steak and Shakes
    Both of my midnight snacks....gone