A cheat sheet on how to have a conversation with Anna
  1. Los Angeles
    Specifically Santa Monica Pier. Mention either of these are you are golden
  2. Code Lyoko
    My favorite television show as a kid that no one but me watched apparently. But if you did, we will be insta-friends
  3. Walt Disney World
    Challenge me on my random Disney Park knowledge, I dare ya
  4. The Force Awakens
    I begin to talk fast when defending why this is a good addition to the franchise
  5. The Theory of Everything Soundtrack
    It sounds like stars exploding into beauty, the kind of music I want to crawl into and live in.
  6. Latin
    Though in school it sometimes feels like a drag, when I meet people in the real world who also know Latin, are somewhat interested in Latin, or Indiana Jones translates a Latin engraved tablet, I'm Latin's number one fan.
  7. Back To The Future
    If you even love this movie half as much as I do we can talk for hours about it, friend.
  8. Belvita
    The best snack cracker thing if there ever was one. I recommend this to my friends and my enemies because everyone deserves the goodness of Belvita
  9. Ryan Adam's 1989
    I feel like I'm continually pitching this to every stranger on the street. It's the real deal and I do still feel conflicted about liking a cover album more than the original album, but I continue to love it anyway