7th grade was a dark time for everyone
  1. Llamas with Hats
    "I do not kill people's That is....that is my least favorite thing to do"
  2. Glozel
    On Bruno Mars, "I'll catch a grenade for you? First of all, why you datin' in a war zone? Where is you that someone is throwing grenades at you?"
  3. Stuck in the Drive Thru
    "And I said KETCHUP! And he said, "Oh yeah that's right! I'm sorry mister, I'm really kind of burnt tonight" I know all the words to this glorious twelve minute song video and I'm not ashamed
  4. The Annoying Orange
    "Hey Apple....KNIFE!" I watched too many of these.
  5. Behind the Scenes with Elmo
    "WHERE'S MY LATTE??" This is not real BTS. Elmo is a fiesty little thing and I love it.
  6. The Mean Kitty Song
    "This little kitty is a ninja always stalkin' my feet, this little kitty is a warrior ya know what I mean" A surprisingly catchy song about a cat named Sparta