1. A good latte on a bad day
  2. A cup of tea on a rainy day
  3. Waking up and realising that it's raining, but drifting off to sleep again when I pull the covers up.
  4. My small pillow
  5. Mau Mau the King of the jungle
  6. My family when they're being lame and annoying
  7. Going for brunch with my sis or just chilling at a cafe
  8. Weekends cos _|_ school
  9. Realising that a tutorial prep requires minimal readings :')
  10. Having the cat sleep on the bed with me
  11. NISSIN TOM YUM NOODLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Eating as much food as possible without gaining any weight (I'm talking to you, 1-20 years old Anna)