A list featuring my temporary home, which hopefully insinuates why this place irks me
  1. The acquaintance who publicly said my shoes were "interesting" and that she "wasn't sure how she felt about them".
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    These are my prized Billy Reid camel suede single monk strap dress shoes. The holy grail of women's dress shoes.
  2. Mercedes driver in a tux who did a u-turn in the middle of the street into me on my bike.
    Glad I have good brakes
  3. Anonymous person who stole my bike lights.
    Let's hope there's Bike Karma
  4. Yuppie in plaid at a bar who won't stop talking about himself.
    Straight out of a joint banana republic/Patagonia marketing campaign. Probably works for the state department.
  5. Uber driver asking for the nearest liquor store
  6. Woman who spilled coffee on me.
    Stop looking at your phone
  7. Tourist couple sitting on a park bend in the sun
    We didn't interact but they looked happy
  8. And lastly, the kind individuals working at trader joes.
    Being nice makes a difference. Being rude does too. I wish there was more niceness on this list.
  9. Are these specifically DC things or city things, or is it just me being disturbed by all this?