1. Ballet - 1 year
    I quit after a class where I pulled my leotard down so it was like the arms of Belle's gown in beauty and the Beast, pretended I was her, and stopped following directions.
  2. Girl Scouts - 3 years
    Too many girls in one place. Plus, my mom never ironed the patches onto my vest.
  3. Gymnastics - 2 years
    Quit after I broke my sternum, healed, and sprained my ankle twice
  4. Figure Skating - 1.5 years
    Started taking classes with my best friend. She was progressing faster than me, so I quit.
  5. Karate - 1 year
    I didn't get past white belt. At my recital the instructor had me demonstrate how to run away if someone approached.
  6. Flute - 5 years
    I was forced to take band classes for 5 years through my school. Didn't like it, quit the first chance I got.
  7. Bowling - 2 years
    I was in a bowling league for two years. I was ranked 1st place in my age range on Long Island.
  8. Piano - 2 years
    I took piano for two years, I got so so bored.
  9. Baton Twirling - 2 years
    Learned it at camp, practiced for two years. It's what led me to color guard.
  10. Tennis - 3 years
    I loved tennis, but it was conflicting with Color Guard.
  11. Fencing - 2 years
    I switched from Foil to Eppe. Eppe was too boring for me and I quit.
  12. Guitar - 4 months
    My hands couldn't touch all the strings
  13. Color Guard - 4 years
    My high school had a competitive marching band and color guard. I was the captain for 2 years. It's the longest I committed to any activity/hobby.
  14. Stage Crew - 4 years
    Backstage at all my high school plays. We hung out and played lemmings on the ancient Mac above the stage when we got bored.