Idea stolen from @RachelPologe
  1. We met at summer camp 6 months prior before our first date.
  2. I liked him all summer, but he had a girlfriend.
  3. We stayed friends after camp because we both lived on Long Island. We rarely saw each other.
  4. I was going to a USY(Jewish Youth Group) dance near his house and told him he should come.
  5. As soon as we were there we were attached at the hip.
  6. We danced together all night, and when we got tired we sat on the floor in a corner and talked about what we wanted for our futures.
  7. Our first kiss (and my first kiss) was while we were dancing to the song "Get Low".
  8. We dated for four months after that.
  9. We went back to summer camp in different sessions.
  10. When he got home from camp he broke up with me. I was heartbroken.
  11. We stayed friends, and I spoke at his wedding last year. He is part-owner of a great restaurant in NYC and his wife is an amazing person. He's one of my best friends. :)