For the days when you want to make something delicious that you don't have to think about. Share yours!
  1. Seared salmon, grilled asparagus, Greek salad (hummus and pita optional)
  2. Two eggs over easy, bacon, and sourdough toast
  3. Roasted chicken thighs, Brussels Sprouts, sautéed spinach
  4. Spaghetti squash, turkey meatsauce
  5. Zuchinni noodles, marinara sauce, chicken breast
  6. Seafood arugula citrus salad
    Very simple. Bag of frozen shrimp, scallops, and calamari (from trader joes!) thawed or jut run cold water over it if you forgot to thaw, sautéed in evoo season with S and P. Dress arugula with lemon juice, evoo, salt and pepper, top with warm seafood!
    Suggested by @jeanette