1. Need pens
  2. Need a stapler
  3. Need staples
  4. Need binder clips
  5. Need a pencil
  6. Need sharpies
  7. Need tape
  8. My stapler is broken so I need another one
  9. Need paperclips
  10. Need ibuprofen
  11. Need scissors
  12. Need post-its
  13. Need white out
  14. Need more pens
  15. Need colored dot stickers
  16. Need white out again
    This one might have given up the game, no one has used white out since the invention of computers
  17. Need folders
  18. Need the key for my locked filing cabinet
  19. Need hanging folders for my now unlocked filing cabinet
  20. My stapler is broken again, need another one
  21. Need a hole punch
  22. Need tape
  23. Need dry erase markers
  24. Need folder labels
  25. Need pens
  26. Need staples
  27. Need paperclips
  28. Need binder clips