I've never broken a normal bone, like an arm. But I have done all of these weird things. Tell me your weird injuries too!
  1. Lacerated Thumb Tendon
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    I was separating frozen turkey burger patties and used a knife as a patty lever. The patties came apart and the knife went into my thumb. I was fine for a few days then my thumb stopped moving.
  2. Broken Sternum
    Your sternum is also known as your breastbone. I was 6 and wanted to practice the flips I had learned in gymnastics with my best friend. We didn't have a bar to use, so we improvised with her grandmothers walker. She went first and successfully flipped over the walker. I went second - the walker was uprooted from it's not at all safe position on the floor. My chin slammed into my chest and I broke my sternum.
  3. Sprained Ankle
    I had a hill in my backyard that I used to love rolling down. One day, I rolled down the hill, and when I got to the bottom my right ankle smashed into our brick patio.