My Guilty Pleasure TV Shows, Unexplained

I did, however, include a description of each show so you know how to properly mock me
  1. Rosemary & Thyme
    This British series is about two gardening enthusiasts who somehow end up around a lot of people who get murdered or sabotaged and then somehow solve the mystery and the answer usually includes some sort of floral or plant mystery that only they would know about and the cops could never figure out.
  2. Phineas and Ferb
    It's basically two brothers doing crazy elaborate things during the summer and they have a pet platypus named Perry who is also a spy. Their sister Candice tries to bust the brothers, but she never can.
  3. Reba
    The country singer's TV show that includes cheesy, after school special lessons and lots of country accents. The theme song (sung by Reba, of course) finishes with these words: "I'm a surviiiivor."
  4. Good Witch
    They never say the word "witch" in this Hallmark Channel show so that confused me, but basically it's a mom and daughter who have strong intuitions and like helping people. They live in a really small Stars Hollow-like town, too.
  5. Reign
    Historically inaccurate romance is the best way I can put it.