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  1. The Collection by Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors
    When I'm feeling moody but hopeful.
  2. Days are Gone by Haim
    This is my get stuff done. Best work music ever.
  3. Born and Raised by John Mayer
    Face to Call Home is all my fuzzy feelings about my husband. Also got to see the tour supporting this album and he's hand down the most talented musician I've seen in person.
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Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. I wouldn't have worried it all to death.
  1. Tell my dog to have a good day when I leave for work
  2. Use dry shampoo instead of an actual shower
  3. Stick my phone in my back pocket and almost drop it in the toilet
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In no particular order
  1. The Problem We All Live With Part I--This American Life
  2. Rukmini Callimachi (Parts I and II)--Longform
  3. Source Code--Mystery Show
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