1. Sending students to do my bidding.
    Just sent one to get me a Dr. Pepper.
  2. Spanish Club feasts.
    A teacher hand delivered a plate of tamales, rice, and a bowl of bean soup. For free. Just sharing the Spanish club love. I love you, Spanish club.
  3. The constant reminder that adults do not have homework.
  4. The students keep me young.
    How else would I know all the hip new slang terms?
  5. My supervisor found a mini heater for me.
    My school is freezing so I whine often. My supervisor found this precious old baby heater that someone was about to throw out and saved it for me so I would never complain again. Never looking back 💖
  6. I get super long holiday breaks.
    Ever heard of Christmas? Summer? Can't forget President's Day.