Happiness is a bunch of lovely moment in life strung together like so many priceless pearls. It's eating the best pizza to watching someone make progress in there abilities to be a better them. It can be listening to the wonderful sound of your favorite band or sitting on the beach soaking up the sound, feel, and smell of the ocean.
  1. The Beach
  2. The Forests
  3. The Mountains
  4. Yummy Pizza 😋
  5. Delicious Cheesecake
  6. Making passionate love
  7. Music- live bands😎🎸
  8. Dancing and drinking🍸💃🏻
  9. Teaching
  10. Cooking
  11. Clean house
  12. Fresh clean sheets 😊
  13. Happy children
  14. Family time
  15. Traveling
  16. Exploring new places
  17. Meeting new people
  18. Reading a good book
  19. Working on my photography
  20. Loving the people in my life