Just some things I have experience in and could probably write a 400+ word piece of literature about
  1. A Gross Girl in Her Gross Room
  2. Disassociation from Reality: A User's Guide
  3. That Thing That Happens When Your Voice Catches in the Middle of a Word Only While Public Speaking
  4. Death by Read Receipts
  5. It's 3 a.m. and Making a Spotify Playlists Entitled, 'that stuff you used to listen to when you didn't have a social life sophomore year and sat in your bed on Friday nights'
  6. Everybody's Dying
  7. Growing Up With a Mother Who Replaced "Fart" with "Froggie"
  8. How to be a Helpful Family Member, or: Suffocating Slowly
  9. Live Life Without Ever Owning a Spoon