1. Drag Me Down
    The pure essence of late-stage 1D
  2. Best Song Ever
    The Zayn in drag
  3. History
    The FEELS
  4. Kiss You
    The camp, the kitsch, the costumes
  5. One Way Or Another
    The David Cameron appearance
  6. Story of My Life
    The cute old pics and the family cameos
  7. One Thing
    Early-stage 1D being xtra British (suspenders)
  8. Steal My Girl
    Lacking a cohesive narrative
  9. What Makes You Beautiful
    Kinda basic but they're basically overexcited puppies
  10. Live While We're Young
    So forgettable I had to look it up first
  11. Night Changes
    This makes me uncomfortable
  12. Perfect
    It's boring
  13. Midnight Memories
    This song sucks so the video automatically does too
  14. You and I
    Even more boring than perfect